On Tuesday the 6th of December, 2022, PUA gladly welcomed China’s Consul General Yang Yi, the Chinese Consul in Alexandria Jing Hua and the diplomatic attaché Do Chung in the VIP Hall of the University. The Chinese delegation was received by the Dean of the Faculty of Languages and Translation, Prof. Sahar Hamouda, the President of PUA, Prof. Mahmoud Mohy El-din, Vice-president of PUA, Prof. Nourhan El-Fanaki, Vice- President for Academic & Students Affairs, Prof. Alaa El-din Ramadan, and the head of the International Relations Office at PUA, Assistant Prof. Mennatallah Gowayed.


Organized by teaching assistant Raneem Kamel, a member of the International Relations Committee of the Faculty, and headed by Assistant Lecturer Rania Refaat, the cultural event witnessed viewpoints and discussions by attendees from both sides on the avenues of collaboration between the Faculty of Languages and Translation and the Chinese Consulate in Alexandria.


Prof. Sahar Hamouda delivered the welcoming note, which was interpreted by Dr. Riham Mohamed, a Lecturer at the Chinese Dept. The attendees expressed their pleasure at paving the way for collaboration between the Chinese Consulate and the Faculty of Languages and Translation.


The Chinese Consul discussed the Chinese-Egyptian ties, highlighting their development over the last couple of years. The Consul elaborated on the commercial ties between the two countries, recalling the ‘Silk Road’ history as the perfect example of how the bilateral relations evolved. The talk also addressed the Chinese contributions to the MENA area, especially in Egypt, as it is deemed an essential pillar in further strengthening the bond between The People’s Republic of China and the entire region.


The Consul also elaborated on the Chinese ‘Silk Road Economic Belt’ initiative, put forth by the Chinese president Xi Jinping in 2013, which witnessed the signing of over 200 agreement protocols in support of the initiative. The initiative, which was meant to foster diplomatic relations between China and 194 countries, has given room for Chinese investments in Egypt, such as the new Administrative Capital and the Electric train in 10th of Ramadan city. The avenues of cooperation between Egypt and China expand to include the Healthcare system as well, as China has provided about 120,000 Covid-19 vaccines to help Egypt overcome the aftermath of the Pandemic.


The students of the Chinese Dept. participated in the event by giving presentations about the Egyptian-Chinese relations and history, and the possible avenues of cooperation between both countries. The presentation also included a brief outline of the most significant Egyptian and Chinese celebrations, cuisine, art, calligraphy and prominent touristic sites. Moreover, the students discussed the curricula at their dept, the textbooks and scholarships graciously provided by the Chinese Consulate. They talked about the new methods of teaching, the nature of their curricula, proudly showing photos of the scholarships and awards they received. The presentation ended with an art show as sophomore student Toka Khaled sang in Chinese, and freshmen and sophomore students gave a Kung Fu show for the audience.


As a final note, the Consul General and the Consul in Alexandria presented the students with gifts. In return, PUA president, Prof. Mahmoud Mohy El-din, presented the diplomatic mission with the PUA honorary shield, expressing his utmost gratitude and hope for another visit in the near future.