In the context of its ongoing efforts to integrate knowledge with the latest developments in the field of medicinal and aromatic plants, senior students from PUA’s Faculty of Pharmacy visited the Mazhar Botanical Garden in Giza. This educational trip was organized under the supervision of the Dean and the Head of the Drugs and Natural Products Department.

Upon their arrival, the students were warmly welcomed and attended a lecture presented by Mrs. Teresa Labib, a garden and botanical herbarium consultant. Mrs. Labib provided a comprehensive overview of the garden’s history and the extensive variety of plants it houses, which number around four thousand spread across 30 acres. Her lecture detailed the medicinal and pharmaceutical significance of several plant species and described the processes involved in acclimatizing imported plants to the Egyptian environment, whether they arrive as seedlings or seeds.

Following the lecture, the students embarked on a tour of the garden’s diverse sections. They explored the herbarium and the library, which contain invaluable references on medicinal plants and their classifications. Their tour included visits to the orchid plant nursery, the cactus garden with its numerous cacti species, the fruit garden with various fruit trees, the acclimatization greenhouse, and the aromatic herb garden.

The visit concluded with a stop at the gift corner, where the garden administration gifted the students souvenir seedlings. They also received guidance on the best practices for caring for each type of plant.