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A Delegation of the MTI Plastic Technology Centre Paid a Visit to Pharos University   Prof. Mohamed Fahim, the Head of
  Military Education Course The Conscription and Military Education Office holds a military education course during the mid-year break from
PUA Participated in the 1st Forum for PT Egyptian Faculties (Surgery Departments) A delegation of the faculty of Physical Therapy-
A Coordination Meeting for PUA Medical Aid Convoys On Sunday, October 28, PUA Community Service and Environmental Development Centre held
The Egyptian Ministry of Health issued a decree Announcement The Egyptian Ministry of Health issued a decree entitling the graduates
  Clinical Pharmacy in 57357 Hospital The faculty of Pharmacy and Drug Manufacturing held a seminar on the clinical pharmacy
The 2nd International Conference on New Trends in Sustainable Energy The faculty of Engineering- Pharos University holds the 2nd International
  PUA Participated in the XCELING Symposium in the French Cultural Centre Pharos University was pleased to participate in symposium
  The Students’ Union Election Pharos University announces for the Students’ Union election for all PUA faculties. The nomination period
A Visit to the Egyptian Petrochemicals Company The Petrochemical Engineering Department organised a visit to the Egyptian Petrochemicals Company(EPC) for