Petrochemical Engineering Department Visits SIDPEC

PUA’s Faculty of Engineering seek to achieve integration between the theoretical and practical sides of the study within the Petrochemical Engineering Department. Accordingly, the Faculty organized an academic visit for Department’s 4th year students to SIDPEC Company (SIDPEC), within the activities of the polymer engineering and the industrial water treatment courses. The visit was supervised by Prof. Dr. Ehsan Nasif, and Dr. Yasser Ibrahim, Company’s former assistant president for production, and lecturer in the Petrochemical Engineering Department, PUA’s Faculty of Engineering.

Through this visit, the students were introduced to the latest technology used in the production of polymers, and its practical applications. In addition to a full explanation of the production units in the factory. As a result, the students praised the visit which acquired them a lot of information that burdened their understanding through answering many of their inquiries and questions.

At the end of the visit, the students and their supervisor thanked the company’s work team, for their warm reception and efforts during the visit, and many photos were taken.