Basic Sciences’ Gaming Day

The Basic Sciences Department at PUA’s Faculty of Engineering is keen on supporting social relations among the Department’s freshman students through various student activities. Therefore, the Department, under the supervision and management of the Faculty’s Student Activities Committee, organized an entertainment activity under the title of Gaming Day.
The recreational event included many activities included (FIFA – PlayStation – Dominoes – Chess), each in a separate hall. At the end of each activity, the winners were announced, namely:
Student / Muhammad Wael Muhammad Al-Saeed
Student / Muhammad Yasser Muhammad
Student / Omar Magdy Mohamed
Student / Badr Al-Din Mazyad
Student / Omar Samir Abdel-Gawad
Student / Ali Muhammad Zanaty
Student / Omar Magdy Mohamed
Student / Habib Gharib Farag
FIFA and PlayStation
Student / Hemin Muhammad Abdullah
Student / Mohamed Abdel Moneim Fathallah
Student / Amr Hassan

The students had a lot of fun through this unique experience, which would strengthen their social relationships. In addition to developing a spirit of cooperation and teamwork. The activities of the activity were concluded by taking many memorial photos of the participants and the organizers of the activity.