With the reference to the course EA41Architecture Design 5, the fourth year students (seventh grade) at the Architecture Engineering Department did a field visit to the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization and that on Sunday Oct. 17 2021 under supervision of teaching staff committee: Dr./ Engy Nagib, Eng./ Mohammed Abo Showsha, and the teaching assistants staff committee Eng./ Nasrin Aiad, Eng./ Maram Ahmed, Eng./ Taghreed Abo zaid.

During the visit the university delegation had a valuable lecture by Prof. Alghazaly Kaseba, the architecture consultant and the designer of the project. During the lecture he explained the phases of museum designing starting from selecting it in the architecture contest in 1983 to the executing and the gradual inauguration phases of the project. Afterwards everybody moved to architecture visit to the different sides of the museum to do detailed inspection.

The aim of the study to know an example for similar graduation project of National Museum of Egyptian Civilization.