With the reference to the course EA311 Architecture Design (3). The third year students (fifth grade) at the Architecture Engineering department did a field visit to Alex west and that on Tuesday Oct. 26 2021 under the supervision of teaching staff committee: Dr. Bakainm Nabil, Dr. Mohammed Al Fkharani, Eng./ Heba Afara, Eng./ Monica Hashma, and Eng./ Aya waleed.

The visit was done to know the different aspects of housing units’ design. The tour began by visiting different models of housing units as an explanation was given to the designing units.  The students benefit from seeing the different design of housing units. And understanding the difference between them in space, design and how the architecture design can correspond with constructional design. As well they studied how to link the units together and the width of main and side streets. And how to design green space of the units only and link it to another green space in the residential compound.

Confirming making use of the site important location. So the study was useful to the students as they benefit seeing similar models that are required for the project and sensing the space in different housing unit types.