The Basic Sciences Department at PUA’s` Faculty of Engineering, under the auspices of the Student Activities Department, organized an orientation session for freshman students. The session aimed to raise awareness and familiarize them with the programs offered by the Faculty’s various departments.

The session began with welcoming speeches from the Dean, the Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs, and the Head of the Basic Sciences Department. Following these introductions, the Faculty’s general academic advisor delivered a speech in which he provided an overview of the departments, explained the process of joining them, and outlined the number of credit hours required for each department.

Subsequently, representatives from each department presented an overview of their respective programs, highlighting both academic and practical aspects, field training opportunities, and job prospects post-graduation.

The event concluded with the Faculty honoring the top students for the fall semester of 2023-2024. A commemorative photo was then taken with the department’s students to mark the occasion.