Date: Saturday-27/4/2024

مكان الاقامة:قاعة مؤتمرات – جامعة فاروس

اسماء الحضور:

مهندس/ علاء رجب

رئيس مجلس أمناء جامعة فاروس

أ.د. محمود محيي الدين

رئيس جامعة فاروس

أ.د/ ماجد الغزولي

عميد الكلية

أ.د. رشا شعلان

وكيل الكلية للدراسات العليا و البحوث

السادة اعضاء هيئة التدريس, الهيئة المعاونة و جميع المشاركين بالمؤتمر


Dr. Rana Mohsen was graduated from the College of Pharmacy and Drug Manufacturing before starting her journey into marketing and entrepreneurship. In 2017, she established her own agency, “Marklinica”, for healthcare digital marketing and branding solutions. Marklinica has become an industry leader in medical digital marketing, packaging, and communications in Egypt and the MENA region. Currently, she works as a strategist and brand development consultant for healthcare NGOs in the GCC and the United States. Her work has been featured on global platforms such as “Ads of the World,” “Packaging of the World,” and “WBDS” several times.

Dr. Rana Mohsen is also a mentor at the Women Entrepreneurs’ Network (WEN) Program, by Business Egypt/ DAI – USAID since 2019. Furthermore, she is a mentor at the Global Women’s Network for the Energy Transition (GWNET), an Australian network dedicated to empowering women in the energy sector through interdisciplinary networking, advocacy, and training.