A Field Trip to Sidi Krir Power Plant

The Department of Electrical Engineering of PUA’s Faculty of Engineering at pays great attention to linking the academic content through field trips. Within this framework, the Department organized a field trip for students of the Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Departments to the Sidi Krir Power Plant of the West Delta Electricity Production Company.

This trip aims to apply what was studied during the thermal power plants course. The trip was received by Eng. Khaled Farag, Plant’s Sector Head, and Eng. Ahmed Aref, General Manager of Technical Affairs and Training. In addition to a group of operation, maintenance, security and safety engineers.

The trip program started with a presentation of an introductory lecture on the steam plant and the combined plant. This presentation included an explanation of the main components of the plant, methods of management and operation, and linking it to the network of the State’s unified grid, security and safety. In addition to the environmental factors observed and recorded at the plant site and the surrounding area, which were presented by Eng. Mustafa Saeed, and Eng. Hossam El Din Ahmed. After that, the students went on an inspection tour of the site to learn about the components of the plant on the ground. At the end of the trip, the students took memorial photos.