Under the auspices of Prof. Maged El Ghazouly, the Dean of the faculty of Pharmacy and Drug Manufacturing, a scientific day of the Pharmacognosy and Natural Products Department was held on Tuesday, 10 December 2019. The coordination of the day was managed under the supervision of Prof. Soaad Tema, the Vice Dean for Graduate Studies and Research and Prof. Taha Sarg, the Head of Department. The scientific day activities featured a symposium entitled “Enzyme Engineering and its Applications in Biosynthesis of Natural Products” that was delivered by Dr. Engy Ibrahim, a Lecturer in the Pharmacognosy Department in Alexandria University. She talked about the possibility of altering the structure of the enzyme controlling the production rate of artemisinin, in order to increase its production above the normal levels, as an attempt to provide it as an antimalarial drug. It is worth mentioning that faculty members and teaching assistants were invited to attend this symposium.