The graduation project of Mohamed Saied Badr, the top student in the Media Arts Department of the academic year 2018/2019, won the best animated short film award for “Recycling” in the awards ceremony of the 2nd edition of “VS-Film for Short Films 2020”. The awards ceremony was held on 12/7/2020. This festival took place in Egypt and Saudi Arabia for the first time. “Recycling”, the winning film, was made by 3D Animation program and participated in many local and international festivals such as:

  • Mi primer festival 2020 – Lima.
  • Ancient way film festival 2020 – United States.
  • Cartoon Club 2020 – Italy.

It is worth mentioning that 15 Arabic short films (3 to 5 minutes duration) competed in the “VS-Film for Short Films 2020” from Egypt, Iraq and Algeria.