Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Mohieldin, PUA’s President, and Prof. Dr. Nourhan Fanaki, PUA’s Vice President, who guides the students to participate in competitions with national strategic activities for higher education and scientific research, have declared that PUA’s Faculty of Arts and Design won funding for 6 graduation projects for students of the Media Arts Department.


This funding comes through “My Project, My Start” program launched by the Academy of Scientific Research. All fund-winning projects came as a true realization of the national strategy for higher education and scientific research, which was announced by the Ministry on March 7.


In addition, Prof. Dr. Hana Yassin, Dean, said that the six winning projects were all completely consistent with the activities of PUA’s strategy to enhance the role of culture and arts in Alexandria.


The scholarship came to direct the student/ Habiba Khaled, for the animated film “Makamikho”, student/ Ayatollah Ahmad, for the animated film “Baqlawez”, student. Ali Radwan, for the documentary film “Fares”. As well as student/ Khaled Ali, for the short feature film “Al Ghoula”, student/ Basant Ahmed, for the short feature film “Lahsa Ice Cream” and the student/ Rodina Hassan, for the short feature film “Al-Sharifa”.