Under the auspices of Prof. Ezzat Hassan, the Dean of the faculty of Applied Health Sciences Technology and Prof. Mervet Ossman, the Vice Dean and the Head of the Science Committee, an invitation was extended to faculty members, teaching assistants and students of different academic classes to attend the first forum of the Scientific Committee during the spring semester of the academic year 2019-2020. This was held on Tuesday, 3 March 2020. During this forum, Aya El Kawaga, one of the faculty students, contributed to the forum by giving a lecture entitled the “Prospective of Anti-glycolytic Cancer Therapy (Warburg effect)” where she discussed the role of the Warburg Effect applications in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, depending on the metabolic differences between normal and cancer cells. Cancer cells’ metabolism is different from the one of normal cells. Normal adult cells use a small energy plant located inside them to produce most of their energy needs from oxygen. This is an aerobic process. In contrast, cancer cells rely mainly on the first part of the energy production process dependent on glucose (sugar). This is an anaerobic process. The anaerobic process is called glycolysis. It is worth mentioning that the scientific content of the lecture was delivered under the supervision of Dr. Howayda Fadel, a Lecturer in the Medical Laboratory Department.