The Faculty of Languages and Translation, in cooperation with PUA’s International Relations Department, and under the auspices of Prof. Dr. Sahar Hammouda, Dean, welcomed Mrs. Mai Al-Ramali, representative of the French Embassy and Campus France Official for academic cooperation between university education institutions in Egypt.


Mrs. Al Ramali gave a presentation on how to pursue a master’s degree in France, get scholarships, and how to apply. This meeting was attended by PUA’s vice presidents, namely: Dr. Nourhan Fanaki, PUA’s Vice President, Dr. Alaa Ramadan, Vice President for Education and Student Affairs, Dr. Mukhtar Ibrahim Youssef, Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research.


In addition, a group of students from the different faculties of PUA were present in the meeting (the Faculty of Languages and Translation, the Faculty of Arts and Design, the Faculty of Financial and Administrative Sciences, the Faculty of Mass Communication, and the Faculty of Physical Therapy).


The meeting was supervised by Dr. Heba Refaat, French Language Department, Faculty of Languages and Translation, and Chairman of the Francophone International Relations Committee.