Faculty of Arts and Design held the student union elections in the academic year 2020-2021 on 28-30 November, with participation of large number of the faculty students. The election process ran smoothly and the democratic atmosphere reflected the students’ high ethical standards and the spirit of fair competition, with precaution and taking appropriate measures, so that students can participate safely. The students’ elections were ended by announcing the dean of the faculty the results of the election of committee secretaries, their assistants, the president and vice president of the union, and that followed by supervisory and screening committees were formed from: Prof. Hana A. Yassen, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Design, Ass. Prof. Nahla Ahmed ElDeeb, Head of the Fashion Design Dept. & Vice Dean for Student Affairs and Education, Prof.  Hanan Sobhy, Head of the Décor Dept., Ass. Prof.  Nermine Gomaa, Head of the Painting Dept., Ass. Prof.  Shimaa Khodeer, Lecturer in Graphic Dept., Dr.Aya Fathi , Lecturer in Décor Dept. and & Student Activities Coordinator.