Physical Therapy faculty at Pharos University (P.U.A) applies the global standards for learning outputs to its students through evaluation and treatment of the patients with different cases for the clinical departments at the faculty. For example, but not limited to the Physical Therapy department musculoskeletal system that evaluates and treats cases of arthritis of the knee “OA knees”. The osteoarthritis of the knee is considered one of the most common diseases and has negative effects on the movement and function of the knee.

The treatment begins with accurate medical examining and evaluating the case accurate evaluation.  The drug treatment and physiotherapy reduce the pain and strengthen the muscles, and retrieve the motor range of the knee joint. And the arthritis patient is advised with the following:

  • Not bending the knee.
  • Maintaining the ideal weight and losing the excessive weight.
  • Not going up or down stairs.
  • Avoid squatting.
  • Not lifting heavy weights.
  • Avoid standing for long time.