Date: 2-11-2021

Day: Tuesday

Location: “ Room E631”


Eng. Kareem Suleiman

Teaching Assistant, Faculty of Engineering

Director of Student Activity Office, Computer Engineering Department


Aim of this Event: Introducing students to the major modern and advanced technologies in web applications, how to start learning them and the major frameworks currently used in the world. Comparison was also drawn between their performance, learning difficulty, and number of users.

Activity: Under the auspices of the Student Activity Office, Computer Engineering Department organized a seminar lectured by Eng. Kareem Suleiman, Teaching Assistant, Computer Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering. The seminar tackled web applications development, how to start learning web programming languages, and major frameworks currently used in web applications. It also drew a comparison between frameworks in terms of performance, operation cost, number of users, and key users. Further, attention has been drawn to this field, whose significance and number of users are increasing day by day. One of the most famous Integrated Development Environment (IDE), Intellij idea, was introduced along with its significance in web applications. An official version of the software was used, and students were offered a one-year free trial using student emails. Moreover, examples were given on how to operate one of the major frameworks, Laravel, as well as the MVC famous in Web field. In addition, many of Laravel’s features and add-ons were illustrated. Later, the seminar moved to Front- End, illustrated and compared between the 3 major frameworks, namely, React, VueJs, AngularJs. Simple examples were given about how to use and operate them, and in which cases one is more preferable to use