Recycling Light Bulb Workshop

The Faculty of Pharmacy is actively engaged in initiatives to position PUA as a leading environmentally friendly institution. To this end, the Faculty’s Community Service and Environmental Affairs Committee, under the patronage of Prof. Dr. Mohamed Etman, Acting Vice President for Environmental Affairs and Community Service, along with the Dean of the Faculty, organized a workshop on recycling LED light bulbs. This workshop was held in conjunction with PUA’s Recycle It Campaign, as part of its broader efforts to attain the Green Pharos title.

The workshop was conducted by Eng. Ziad Islam, a student in the Computer and Systems Department at the Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University. Eng. Islam elucidated the workings of LED light bulbs, methods for detecting malfunctions, and techniques for repair. Practical training sessions were provided to demonstrate the repair process. The workshop garnered significant interest from college deans, department heads, faculty members, teaching assistants, and administrative staff. Those participants had the opportunity to identify and rectify lamp malfunctions themselves.

At the conclusion of the workshop, attendees expressed admiration for the simplicity and efficacy of the repair process. The refurbished lamps were subsequently distributed to workers in need, further highlighting the workshop’s tangible impact and contribution to sustainability efforts.