Under the auspices of Prof. Hana Yassen, the Dean of faculty of Arts and Design, a workshop entitled “Putting the Finishing Touches to the Students’ Projects in an Innovative Way” was organized on Sunday, 14 December 2019. The workshop was delivered by Dr. Suzan Hassan and Dr. Yassmine Mamdouh who are Lecturers in the Décor Department. The workshop showed how to add the finishing touches to projects and its design methods either by collecting them manually; an aspect that depends on practical skills or by computer technologies. These technologies allow more innovation in presentation and in the mechanisms of designing and displaying dashboards by using programs like Photoshop. These technologies also include full descriptions of projects in terms of the use of the ideal proportions and an appropriate engineering drawing scale within the dashboard. The workshop aimed to train the students on various display methods and how to determine the ideal method of presentation in line with the idea and goal of the project. This training would support the research and practical skills of students.