The faculty of Mass Communication organized a seminar entitled “Creating Media Content on Social Media” on Tuesday, 24 December 2019. The seminar keynote speaker was Dr. Mohamed Said Mahfouz, the renowned TV Presenter. It is worth mentioning that this seminar was held in the presence of other distinguished media personnel, including Mr. Mohamed Turk, the renowned TV Presenter and Mr. Yousry Mohamed, a Director in the Egyptian Television. It is worth mentioning that students, faculty members and teaching assistants also attended the seminar. Dr. Mohamed Said Mahfouz talked about his personal experience in the media field, the obstacles he has faced especially with the recent work techniques and how he overcame it. He also spoke about the technological breakthrough and how to benefit from internet in preparing and applying media ideas. He also referred to how to access media sources while capitalizing on modern technology and mobile phone applications. Moreover, he explained a group of modern programs which are based entirely on social media. At the end of the seminar, he received all students’ questions to benefit from his experience.