Dr. Sherif Medhat, a Teaching Assistant in the Hotel Management Department at PUA’s Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management, recently delivered a virtual lecture at JAMK University in Finland, hosted by Dr. Brian Jordan, a Lecturer in Sports Business Management. The lecture centered on the significance of mega sporting events in realizing national visions, with a particular focus on the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.

Dr. Sherif Medhat provided an overview of mega-sporting events and their broader impacts beyond sports. He underscored their role as drivers of social, economic, and infrastructural development, particularly in the realm of state-building and the pursuit of long-term strategic objectives.

Subsequently, Dr. Sherif shifted his attention to the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, presenting it as a compelling case study. He delved into how Qatar’s hosting of the event aligns with its national vision and strategic objectives, emphasizing the country’s endeavors to utilize the World Cup as a platform for sustainable development and global engagement.