As part of its commitment to community engagement and its dedication to upholding annual traditions, Pharos University in Alexandria (PUA) held its annual Orphan Day celebration. This year, the event took place on Friday, April 19, 2024, on PUA’s playgrounds, marking an earlier date than usual.

PUA warmly welcomed around 280 orphaned children from seven charitable organizations dedicated to orphan care. These associations include the Qalaa Association for Community Development, the Tariq Al-Khair Association for Community Development, the Ras Al-Tin Charitable Association, the Al-Ain Al-Jariyah Association, the Naba’a Al Hob Charitable Association, the Estkrar Charitable Association, and the Mujeeb Al-Sa’ilin Association.

The day commenced with various games and activities organized by different faculties of PUA. For instance, the Faculty of Dentistry raised awareness about dental health and distributed related gifts for children’s preventive care. Meanwhile, the Faculty of Engineering engaged the children in recreational games, and the Faculty of Arts offered face painting and distributed handicraft gifts. The Faculties of Languages and Translation, Tourism and Hotel Management, and Financial and Administrative Sciences also distributed gifts.

Furthermore, the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences Technology provided information about proper nutrition and healthy eating habits, along with distributing gifts to the children. The Faculty of Pharmacy joined in by distributing gifts and participating in enjoyable games with the children.

The event featured a variety of segments, including entertainment, theatrical performances, musical acts, and a magic show. As the ceremony concluded, PUA distributed meals and gifts to the children, followed by a group photo to commemorate the day’s festivities.