PUA’s Faculty of Pharmacy seeks to support its researchers and familiarize them with the latest trends in the fields of scientific research. In this context, the Faculty celebrated the scientific day of the Pharmaceutical Chemistry Department. The event was attended by numerous faculty members and teaching assistants.

  1. A. Nourhan Al-Ashqar lectured on non-degree visiting student scholarships, presenting her experience in obtaining a grant from Fulbright Commission. This was followed by a presentation by representatives of Peak Scientific Instruments, S.A.E, where they showcased the latest laboratory technologies and equipment.

The event was concluded with a lecture by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mona Abdel Moneim on Novel and green analytical extraction techniques from different complex matrices. Dr. Abdel Moneim talked about green chemical methods that complies with the sustainable development goals the Faculty seeks. At the end of the event, the attendees exchanged in-depth scientific discussions of what was presented during the lectures.