Under the auspices of Prof. Maged El Ghazouly, the Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy and Drug Manufacturing at Pharos University, a symposium entitled “OTC from A to Z” was held on Tuesday, 3 March 2020. The lecture was delivered by Dr. Magdy Shalash, the Director of El Taybey Academy for Pharmaceutical Training and Dr. Sally Ibrahim, the Head OTC Department at El Taybey Academy for Pharmaceutical Training. It is worth mentioning that the symposium discussed the following points:

  • How the pharmacist deals with different cases of chronic Arthritis?
  • How to dispense medicines without medical prescription and what are these OTC drugs?
  • What are the cases that should be directly referred to a physician not a pharmacist?

This symposium was held in the presence of faculty members, teaching assistants and students from different academic classes. The coordination of the symposium was managed by Dr. Sameh Younis, the faculty Student Activities Leader.