In celebration of Mother’s Day, PUA’s Faculty of Engineering organized a ceremony to honor exemplary mothers, under the esteemed patronage of Prof. Dr. Mohamed Etman, Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Development. The event recognized four outstanding mothers within the faculty, namely: Dr. Iman Fares, lecturer in the Basic Sciences Department; Eng. Fayrouz Hussein Al-Ruwaiei, Assistant Lecturer in the Basic Sciences Department; Prof. Israa Muhammad Darwish, Secretary of the Basic Sciences Department; and Mrs. Safaa Lutfi, a dedicated worker.


The ceremony commenced with speeches delivered by the Dean and the Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Development, expressing pride in the remarkable contributions of the esteemed women of the Faculty of Engineering. They lauded their dedication, resilience, and invaluable role in overcoming life’s challenges, serving as exemplary figures of generosity and perseverance.


Following the speeches, the exemplary mothers were honored with plaques and certificates of appreciation. Additionally, symbolic gifts were presented to other female employees of the faculty as tokens of appreciation. The ceremony was attended by department heads, faculty members, teaching assistants, students, administrators, and female workers. As a concluding gesture, commemorative photos were taken with the honored ladies, accompanied by symbolic gifts and flowers, in recognition of their esteemed contributions on this special occasion.