Under the auspices of Prof. Dr. Ezzat Hassan, Dean of the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences Technology, and Prof. Dr. Hamdy El-Wakil, Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs, and under the supervision of Dr. Esraa Moneer, Head of Faculty’s Student Activities, and Dr. Basma Hassan, a Lecturer in the Laboratory Department, the Scientific Committee of the Student Activities Department organized a workshop for Faculty’s students and graduates. This workshop aimed at showing how to write a CV and conduct effective interviews. This workshop came on the sidelines of the Faculty’s first job fair to be held hold on Tuesday, March 15, 2022. It was attended by a number of Faculty graduates and students who came to learn how to write strong CVs with many strengths and how to conduct effective interviews that would help them have an effective presence in the labor market in its various fields. The workshop was presented by Mrs. Latifa Ibrahim, trainer at PUA’s Career Development and Entrepreneurship Center (CDEC).