The Electrical Engineering Department at PUA’s Faculty of Engineering is preparing for the transition from institutional accreditation to programmatic accreditation for both Electric Power and Control, and Electronics and Communications Programs. Accordingly, in the presence all faculty members, and teaching assistants, the Department Head reviewed the objective of program accreditation, and the keenness of both the Faculty and university to obtain such accreditation.

After that, the Department Head highlighted the observations given by the simulation committee and the supporting team. These observations were then studied to identify their root causes, and the best ways to prevent them. The committee also completed reviewing the course files as instructed by the Quality and Accreditation Commission, as well as the field training’s situation in terms of completing data and reviewing cooperation protocols.

Furthermore, the committee developed a new strategy to address topics related to solving student problems regarding external training, field visits, and examination schedules. At the end of the event, the Department Head asked the faculty members and teaching assistants to keep up the good work in quality assurance until they successfully obtain accreditation due to its great value.