In the light of the University Administration’s coordination with the Faculty of Engineering’s Administration represented by Prof. Dr. Mohamed Gaber Abdu Ali, Prof. Dr. Mohamed Yahia Abdullah Mekki, Professor Emeritus of Production Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University, in the presence of a group of Faculty Professors and Members, presented a comprehensive demonstration of his thoughts on what could develop the lab capabilities that produce a graduate equipped with an integrated educational content. This was seen as an attempt to draw a connection between modern technologies, Industry 4.0, Digital Twinning, and their impact on the various engineering fields. This included Manufacturing and Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Governmental Cloud Computing, Nano-technology, Biotechnology, Robotics. Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing), Self-driving Cars, along with Internet Capabilities. It was also seen as an indication to a new model of machines whose performance can be numerically controlled via computers.