Under the auspices of Prof. Ezzat Hassan, the Dean of the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences Technology and Dr. Esraa Moneer, the Leader of student activity, a seminar entitled “Bright Side of COVID-19 Pandemic” was organized on Thursday, 24 December 2020 using Blackboard platform. The seminar was delivered by Dr. Heba Al Shehi, a Lecturer in the Nutrition and Food Safety Technology Department who discussed with the students the positive side of COVID-19 pandemic as well as the consequences of quarantine and its effect on the environment, personal hygiene, nutrition and relationships.

Moreover, she explained that every subject has two points of view one positive and the other negative depending on how we see it. It is worth mentioning that COVID-19 and quarantine have closed factories, stopped gatherings and banned travel but on the bright side it has positive impact such as:

  • Reduced air and water pollution.
  • People benefited from quarantine in taking self-improvement sessions.
  • Reducing the consumption of fast food and the transformation to e-stores and home delivery to reduce gatherings.
  • Schools and universities tend to e-learning.