Architectural Engineering Department Visits Fouad Street in Alexandria

As part of the EA 007 Sketching course, 3rd year students (5th semester) of the Architectural Engineering Department visited Fouad Street in Alexandria.

Fouad Street is one of the major streets in the city of Alexandria, and one of the oldest streets in the world. This street is famous containing numerous monumental buildings and theatres.

The origin of this ancient street dates back to the era of the Ptolemais, who used to call it the “Canopic Road”. It was lined with marble columns all the way through. It was later called Port Rashid Street, as well as the “Freedom Road”. Fouad Street is located in the Raml Station area, Alexandria’s city center.

The students toured this ancient street to view the details of the ancient buildings of architectural beauty. After that, each student chose an architectural building of historical, artistic and architectural value and drew it according to what he/she studied in the course.

This experience helps to grow the artistic and aesthetic sense of the architecture student when he/she sees and draws wonderful artistic and architectural details. It also develops his/her free drawing skills from nature.

With each student drawing his own painting, then end result were paintings that served as a free manual recording of the nobility and pristine beauty of this street. This trip was supervised by the course lecturer, Dr. Taghreed Ahmed, accompanied by a group of teaching assistants.