Within the framework of cooperation between the coordinators of PUA’s International Relations Committee, the Committee’s scheduled annual meeting was held in the presence of the Committee’s members who represent PUA’s 12 faculties.


The meeting began by welcoming the new members, explaining the work strategy, and discussing the Committee’s achievements in the past period. In addition, the meeting shed light on the action plan for the coming period and the vision of PUA’s administration. Then each member talked about his own vision and how to develop his Faculty’s committee to achieve PUA’s goals sought for this year.


In addition, PUA’s Secretary-General praised the role of the international relations committees and their coordinators over the past period, their achievements, and the strategic significance of international relations in promoting PUA’s educational process. At the end of the meeting, the Secretary-General and the Director of the International Relations Department honored some members of the committee in recognition of their tremendous efforts in international relations activities over the last academic year.