Within the framework of cooperation with the Libyan National Oil Corporation, PUA’s Faculty of Engineering hosted a delegation of engineers and technicians from Al-Waha Oil Company to receive a training course at the Mechanical Engineering Department. Over one month of training, the trainees were familiarized with the latest scientific techniques in vibration analysis, and conducted field exercises.


To mark the completion of the training, PUA’s president honored the Libyan delegation and awarded them certificates of completion for successfully passing the training course. The honoring ceremony was attended by the Dean and vice-dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Director of PUA’s International Relations Department, and International Relations Coordinator of the Faculty of Engineering.


Further, the Libyan delegation has sincerely thanked PUA, all attendees, and all trainers for their tremendous efforts during the training period. In addition, they acknowledged to have achieved maximum benefit from this training, wishing for further international cooperation between the two sides.