Within the scope of the fruitful and constructive cooperation with the Egyptian Armed Forces, the Architectural Engineering Department at PUA’s Faculty of Engineering organized a field visit to the bus building in the New Administrative Capital. This visit, which included the junior students (8th semester), came within the Executive Designs course (4).

The students were received by some military leaders who explained to them the project’s idea and various components. The project area stretches overs 1,500 acres, divided into eight mixed-use buildings (service, commercial, and administrative). The project also includes 8 bus stops, a bus service and maintenance center, and parking spaces for cars and buses.

In addition, during the visit, the students learned how project’s technical works are executed, modern systems used in sanitation works, methods of distributing and installing electricity works, air conditioning works, and fire-fighting systems in different areas, and how to coordinate between these systems. The general goal of this visit, however; was to link the theoretical academic studies with the practical experience.