The Electrical Engineering Department, PUA’s Faculty of Engineering tirelessly seeks to implement a support plan for research projects and graduation projects for students. This is in order to keep pace with the recent developments, and to link the Department’s fields of scientific research with the requirements of the labor market by promoting field visits. Accordingly, students Muhammad Muhammad Al-Sayed Salama, Omar Ali Shaban Aasi, Muhammad Gomma Abdul Aziz Ibrahim Al-Atfi, Muhammad Musaad Abdul Hamid Abdul Hamid, who made a graduation project entitled (An IoT Based Multi-Purpose Agricultural Robot) conducted a field visit.


This visit was to the National Authority for Remote Sensing and Space Sciences (NARSS), Division of Agricultural Applications, Soils and Marine Sciences in New Cairo. The students were received by Prof. Dr. Muhammad Bayoumi Zahran, NARSS’ Chairman. The visit showcased the most important recent developments in the field of smart agriculture, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things (IOT). As well as how to face future challenges in the field of agriculture (such as water shortages and increasing crop productivity). In addition, the visit included an inspection tour of the Authority’s specialized laboratories.


The visit was concluded by thanking the visit supervisors, students, and NARSS’ supervisors for the support they provided to the students during the visit and for answering all their inquiries.