Based on our belief in the social responsibility that PUA and the Faculty must assume towards society, the students of the Tourism Department visited Nagaa Aoun village. This village is one of the marginalized villages in Egypt, which has a lot of potentials and untapped tourism resources. It also has many distinctive activities such as rooftop farming, handmade carpets, and raising silkworms for silk production.

This visit comes as part of a community project that the Faculty is working on, entitled “Rural Tourism: Nagaa Aoun Village”, which aims to develop the village as a rural tourism destination by building the capacities of the local population, developing their skills, and providing training on the use of technology to market their products. On the sidelines of the visit, the students presented gifts to the village children, which made them very happy. In addition, they presented a smartphone to the village mayor, and showed him how to use it in advertising community products and services on the social media platforms created by the students for the village.