The Painting Department organized a field trip to the Antiquities Museum in Bibliotheca Alexandrina on Sunday, 15 December 2019 for the second-year students. The coordination of this trip was managed under the supervision of Dr. Sherin Mokhtar, a Lecturer in the Painting Department. The trip aimed to introduce the museums’ characteristics to the students and how each of them has its own features, mission, the history of its collection, the different perspectives about the role of the museum in society or how the building itself can significantly affect the students.

Students also explored different areas in the museum and learnt how to deal with the objects inside. They also exchanged ideas of how this visit can contribute to understanding art, its history and its connection with the society. It is worth mentioning that museums offer a great opportunity to test student’s skills in visual analysis and understanding the terminology, techniques and stylistic characteristics, as it is not always easy to classify art into stylistic categories or historical artistic periods.