The Electrical Engineering Department at PUA’s Faculty of Engineering recently organized a series of scientific lectures featuring industry experts and job market stakeholders. These lectures aim to provide students with insights into industrial applications in their field of specialization and link academic study with practical experience to better prepare them for the labor market. As part of this initiative, the department held the third scientific lecture of the current semester, titled “2nd to Future: Egypt as a Regional and Pivotal Energy Hub.”

The lecture was delivered by Dr. Mahmoud Al-Gammal, Professor of Electrical Power in the Electrical Engineering Department and Electrical Power Consultant, and attended by the Department head, faculty members, teaching assistants, and students. Dr. Al-Gammal discussed how Egypt managed to control the electricity crisis from 2014 onwards, highlighting nuclear energy as a strategic option for the country. He also explored the present and future of new and renewable energy, Egypt’s plans to export green hydrogen globally, and electrical interconnection projects with neighboring countries.

The lecture concluded with an open discussion, where the audience engaged in a dialogue about Egypt’s potential to become a regional hub for electric energy.