Field Visit to Hilton Alexandria Green Plaza

In the context of preparing students for the labor market, a field visit was organized on Thursday, April 28, 2022 for students of the ninth semester in the Architecture Department, within the course EA 553 Interior Design, to the Hilton Green Plaza Hotel. This visit was supervised by the course lecturer, Dr. Taghreed Ahmed, accompanied by a group of teaching assistants.

The visit was received by the hotel manager and the hotel’s engineering department. later, the students scaled up Alexandra’s restaurant space as an example of an integrated space for a restaurant. The measures taken were then used by the students to draw a horizontal projection. This horizontal projection was later used in the project presented to the students, which is to re-design the interior of the space referred to in the hotel. Taking the measures is the first important step in the interior design stages, which will be followed by the students at the beginning of any project after they graduate and enter the labor market. It will also help complete their awareness of the environment surrounding their project, and the actual area of the space on the ground. In addition, it will help them identify the basics required to be available in the restaurant, and experience the process of re-designing the interior of this restaurant.