Within the framework of the endeavours of the faculty of Mass Communication to constantly communicate with its graduates, a seminar entitled “The Gap between University Education and Labor Market” was organized for the faculty alumni on Tuesday, 17 December 2019. The coordination of the seminar was managed under the supervision of Prof. Azza Othman, the faculty Dean.

The seminar included a discussion on what the faculty graduates have achieved in the labor market. They also talked about how the gap between university education and labor market affected their careers and the difficulties they have faced in the working life as well as their suggestions to narrow this gap. All the suggestions were about the need to have a job fair to link the graduates with labor market. Accordingly, Dr. Lamiaa Mohsen, a Lecturer in the Radio and Television Department immediately formed a team of the graduates who agreed to organize this event.

Then, Dr. Ragaa El Ghamrawy, the Leader of the faculty Student Activities shared her experiences with the graduates and talked about the numerous difficulties she faced after graduation and how she overcame them. By these words, Dr. Ragaa El Ghamrawy spread optimism while urging the students to persist in the quest for their desired goals.

At the end of the seminar, Prof. Azza Othman encouraged the graduates to have their specific goal and challenge all difficulties to achieve it. The graduates expressed their admiration for the day and its idea and the need to repeat it again.