PUA’s Faculty of Physical Therapy held a workshop entitled “Shoulder Disorders”. The workshop was attended by the Dean, numerous faculty members, teaching assistants, and students. Moreover, the workshop was honored by the presence of the Dean of the Faculty of Physical Therapy at Suez Canal University, and Dr. Akram Al-Daoudi, Consultant Orthopedic and Trauma Surgeon. Together, both guests presented a wonderful scientific duel from which all senior students, intern students, and graduates benefited.


Furthermore, numerous students participated in the discussion, in which many questions were asked about the topic of the workshop. As a result, the students gained a lot of valuable information in the field of orthopedics and surgery. At the end of the workshop, another upcoming workshop entitled “Knee Injuries, Part One” was announced to be an extension for a series of new workshops, and to motivate students to constantly attend for ongoing benefit.