PUA’s Faculty of Mass Communication held a welcoming ceremony for the freshman students of AY 2023-2024. The ceremony began with a speech by the Faculty’s Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs. Through this speech, he welcomed and congratulated the students on joining the Faculty, which occupies a prestigious position among mass communication faculties at both local and international levels.


The students also were introduced to the Faculty’s credit hour system, new regulations applicable, and the learning resources that aim to acquire skills, and qualify the graduate for the local and international labor market.


In addition, the Faculty’s department heads delivered welcoming and explanatory speeches, in which they provided detailed explanation of the credit hours, academic advising system, and the tools available to students. They also familiarized students with their rights and duties, and underlined the significance of communicating with academic advisors as a reference in explaining regulations, choosing suitable courses, and completing graduation requirements. They also introduced the students to the training opportunities, counseling, and supporting services.


Moreover, the students were familiarized with all the activities of PUA’s Career Development and Entrepreneurship Center (CDEC), which reflects the administration’s interest in all skills, participation in international and local competitions, and the integrating student activities in campus life. A brief presentation of the Faculty’s key graduates who led successful media careers was also given.


At the end of the ceremony, the floor was given to questions and inquiries, followed by a field tour throughout some of the Faculty’s studios and laboratories, and taking numerous souvenir photos.