Pharos University in Alexandria (PUA) launched one of the most significant artistic events, which is PUA’s 1st International Symposium. The event took place at the Faculty of Arts and Design, and witnessed a large participation of artists from many countries such as Hungary, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt and Denmark.

The significance of this Symposium stems from the PUA’s keenness on launching this forum for the first time among a group of artists to transfer their expertise and present their artistic experiences to the students. The students interacted with the artists during the various stages of event, which began welcoming the artists, in the presence of a group of PUA’s officials, Dean, heads of departments, faculty members, and teaching assistants.

The event’s schedule was crowded with activities, it included many presentations by artists, presenting their artistic works, experiences, and expertise to students of the different academic years. Also, the schedule included tourist tours in Alexandria and visits to Cairo’s key landmarks and tourist sites. The event was concluded with opening an art gallery where the works of the participating artists will be exhibited. The artists were also honored by the university.