Positive Thinking Seminar

The Petrochemical Engineering Department give significant attention in developing students’ skills, intellectual and scientific abilities to improve their intellectual level to suit the labor market after graduation. Accordingly, it organized, under the auspices of the Student Activities Department and in partnership with the AICHE Student Chapter, SPE Student-Chapter, a seminar entitled “Positive Thinking”.

The seminar was delivered by Mr. Ahmed Samir Abdel Haq, Human Development Trainer, and included an effective discussion between the students and the lecturer. The student took the opportunity to express part of their pressures, and learn how to work on solving and prioritizing them. The thing that would positively reflect on improving their intellectual level, and solving their problems in positive ways.

In addition, the lecturer emphasized that positive thinking is the first step in achieving success. As it helps the individual to find valid and quick solutions to many problems. He also emphasized the positive repercussions and their clear effects on the individual, which include the individual’s sense of self-satisfaction, happiness and reassurance.

The students stated that they have greatly benefited from the seminar, hoping for more of these seminars in the future.