Under the auspices of Prof. Sahar Hamoda, the Dean of the Faculty of Languages and Translation a workshop entitled “Online Teaching Sponsored by XCELING” was organized from the 4th to the 7th of October 2020. The activities of the workshop were managed by:

  • Tamer Victor, an adjunct lecturer in the English Department.
  • Rania Refaat, a Demonstrator in the English Department.
  • Dina Mahmoud, a Demonstrator in the English Language Department.
  • Walaa Aly Sallam, an Assistant Lecturer in the English Language Department.
  • Sandra Mohamed, a Demonstrator in the Chinese Language Department.
  • Amr El Zawawi, An Assistant Professor in the English Language Department.

The workshop included many important training topics:

  • The application of virtual online teaching program “Flipped Classroom”.
  • Interactive approach to online foreign language teaching: teaching the four skills.
  • Creative ways to teaching literature online.
  • Teaching linguistics virtually using “Flipped Classroom”.
  • Traditional and non-traditional approaches to teaching translation online.

It is worth mentioning that the workshop was attended by a number of faculty members and teaching assistants.