The Artificial Intelligence Department at PUA’s Faculty of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence gives due attention to integrating its students into the labor market and developing their skills. Accordingly, the students of the Artificial Intelligence Department participated with 4 teams from the second year in the Artificial Intelligence Competition (AIC-1) organized by The International Competition of Military Technical College (ICMTC). One of these four teams managed to achieve the 32nd place out of 150 teams participating from various universities. This team comprised of students Flobatir Hani Sadiq, Muhammad Hossam Zuhair, Muhammad Kamal Naji, Marwan Gamal Hassan, Mustafa Muhammad Zaalouq. Further, the team was supervised by Dr. Sahar Ghanim, Lecturer, Artificial Intelligence Department, and Eng. Esraa Habiba, Teaching Assistant, Artificial Intelligence Department. The objective of this Competition was to encourage students to design and build a model for abstractive summarization of Arabic texts using artificial intelligence.