Meeting of department students with graduates from pervious batches 2013,2014,2015 and 2016 to share their life experiences in labor market and how to overcome the difficulties they faced after graduation and also the graduates shared with the students the latest requirements of labor market in skills and knowledge and what the department students should acquire before graduation and how to initiate learning the technology that is currently applied in programing companies so the student after graduation can be apt to the labor market. Under the patronage of student activity at Engineering faculty- Pharos University (P.U.A). The Computer Engineering department organized the graduates meeting, as the department hosted 8 graduates from Computer Engineering department from different batches since 2013 till 2021 and the department was honored by hosting Eng./ Hazam Al- Husseni and Eng. /Mohammed samir who are 2013 batch graduates, and they work in Berlin – Germany, also Eng./ Khaled Alaa who has experience in facilities management solutions,  also Eng./ Mohammed Rashad and Eng./ Mohammed Al Banaa and they work in developing smart phone applications, and Eng./ Mohammed sahartage who works in developing websites and database services.

The graduates met the students and shared with them their different experiences in labor market and also they shared the latest information technology in different fields from website developing, mobile applications and electronic banking services. The discussion was centered in the current labor market in Alexandria and Cairo and also in Germany, what the companies offer and how to pass the job interview, and how the students can develop themselves during their study in the faculty. And not be satisfied with the academic courses and how to catch up with labor market requirements. As the information technology market is in constant and rapid evolving. The students were keen to get the maximum benefit from their fellow graduates. With promising to repeat such meetings in the future.