The faculty of Engineering with the management of the student activities held a gaming day that was an amazing day and involved about 25 different games “individual and team game” that depended on the skills and talent like: (Domino, Chess, Connect 4, Balloon Challenge, Football Billiards, Football Volley, Balloon Darts, Bowling, Cones, Sudoku, Collecting Scores, Hula Hoop, Yogurt Game, Pop Balloon, Flour Challenge, Spin, Fear Pong, Chemical Scientific game (lava lamp), Nuts Contest, Pencil Backflip, Rapid Fire, Office tennis and Marshmallows building sticks)
Some teams participated in this day like: Team Wabecks, Infinity Team, AICHE, ACM, Civil Society and the students Union of the faculty Engineering. KTH “The Royal Sweden institution” participated in this event. It was such a good opportunity for the communication between the Egyptian Students and the foreigners and encouraging them to work together.
This day organized under the supervision of the Dean of the faculty, the vice president of the faculty, the pioneer of the students activity and the faculty stuff.