PUA’s Faculty of Pharmacy relentlessly seeks to enrich the educational process and provide its students with the necessary competencies to keep pace with the labor market. Accordingly, the Faculty of Pharmacy, under the auspices of Prof. Dr. Maged Al-Ghazouly, Dean, and supervision of Assoc. Prof. Abeer Kassem, Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology Department, and Dr. Amani Ramadan, Clinical Pharmacy & Pharmacy Practice department, conducted a field visit for clinical pharmacy students (fourth year) to the University Hospital, for a period of one day.


The aim of the visit was to link what the theoretical studies with good practical practice, as part pf Hospital Pharmacy course (PNC401).


The visit included the renal dialysis unit, oncology and blood diseases medication unit, intravenous solutions unit, the total parenteral nutrition (TPN), drug store, and the drug dispensing pharmacy.


The visit also aimed o to provide the students with information and skills directly, as well as to develop their critical and innovative thinking.