The Petrochemical Engineering Department implement the plan of linking the academic content with practical training through field visits. In this context, the 4th year students from the Petrochemical Engineering Department conducted a field visit to the Plastic Technology Center of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

At the beginning of the visit, Dr. Reham Mohamadeen, Center’s industry expert, gave a lecture on the center’s services and its role in engineering consultancy. As well as providing training in the field of polymer engineering for all companies working in the production of polymers in Alexandria.

In addition, the visit included a full explanation for the students about the Center’s experimental factory, which includes all stages of plastic processing and manufacturing. The visit also highlighted the polymers thermal, mechanical and physical instrumentation labs, which are all ISO certified.

The students were highly grateful at the end of the visit, which was concluded the students, and Prof. Dr. Ihsan Nassif, the course lecturer and visit supervisor, thanking all the officials of the Plastic Technology Center for their warm reception and provision of all information.